PayPal allows sending money by voice via Siri on iPhone

PayPal has announced you can send contacts money simply by asking Siri on your iPhone.

You can now use commands such as “Hey, Siri, send John $20 using PayPal”.

PayPal says the feature is available from now in 30 countries including Australia with the latest version of the PayPal app.

“With so many P2P transactions happening during such a busy season, we’re excited to give our users an early holiday present,” PayPal says in a blogpost today.

PayPal is not the first company to offer sending money by voice.

Amazon lets you buy certain items from its store using its Amazon Echo home robot. However the robot is not officially available in Australia so the take up has been niche.

At this point, the service isn’t running as smoothly as it should.

When I tried this new feature for the first time, Siri asks me to grant Apple access to my PayPal data. “Some of your PayPal data will be sent to Apple to process your request, is that OK,” it says.

I agree, and Siri then asked me for access to your contacts. When I agree again, it says: “Who are you sending money to?”

When I nominate who, it offers 4 alternatives, representing different email addresses and phone numbers for that contact in my address book. When I read out which of these I want (full name and phone number), it doesn’t match that against the contact. But it’s early days.

PayPal Australia director-in-store Peter Santiago says the company is excited to make it easier to transfer money on Apple iPhone and iPad, giving users more freedom to pay with their mobile.


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Source: PayPal allows sending money by voice via Siri on iPhone – The Australian