NZ’s Ministry for Women active with Link4’s eInvoicing

NZ’s Ministry for Women active with Link4’s eInvoicing

The New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Women have now joined the eInvoicing network in an effort to help support local businesses.

The Ministry is the Government’s principal advisor on achieving better results for women, and wider New Zealand. The Ardern Government has targeted eInvoicing for all Central Government Departments by March 31, 2022 and the Ministry for Women is one of 5 Departments who have chosen to be live on the network early.

“We see eInvoicing as being a benefit to all our suppliers,” noted Raj Narayan, Chief Financial Officer, Ministry for Women. “So, we didn’t see a need to wait until the target deadline, but rather, we wanted to be active as soon as we could.”

The Ministry is one of a number of New Zealand Government departments to choose Link4 as their eInvoicing provider.

Link4 CEO, Robin Sands, believes widespread adoption of eInvoicing needs to be a priority as it will help unlock significant potential benefits for not only Government, but also local businesses who also join the network. “Switching to eInvoicing can lead to significant productivity and cost-efficiency benefits not only for an individual business but for the New Zealand economy. It’s a win, win,” said Sands.

In July 2021, Link4 was selected as a preferred partner for eInvoicing adoption for government agencies in New Zealand. Link4 is also currently the most popular eInvoicing provider to the Australian Government, with agencies like the Treasury, Australian Sports Commission and Geoscience Australia live with eInvoicing.

In 2018, the New Zealand Minister for Small Business, Hon Stuart Nash, estimated that a 15 per cent uptake of eInvoicing by New Zealand businesses and Government agencies could save up to NZ$500 million a year. In Australia, the Australian Taxation Office has estimated that up to A$28 billion can be saved over 10 years by adopting eInvoicing systems, which is money that can be saved by everyone.

While nearly 90 per cent of New Zealand Government agencies could be ready by the March deadline, it is expected that a few will choose to delay. eInvoicing providers are determined to ensure this doesn’t happen. “The team at Link4 have been encouraged by the positive reception we’ve received so far from local businesses. In the past year, we’ve signed up hundreds of New Zealand businesses to eInvoicing including SMEs like Innovative Plumbing, Brewtopia and New York Grill, as well as large enterprises like BOC New Zealand.”

“It’s great to see so many new Government agencies adopt eInvoicing on both sides of the Tasman and we’re excited to be supporting this initiative,” said Sands. “The sooner we build the network, the sooner the New Zealand economy will see advantages such as increased business efficiency, digital security and cash-flow benefits.”