Women in senior leadership given the nod of approval

Women in senior leadership given the nod of approval

Award-winning Nod confirms its next major hire on their executive team will be a woman.

Nod developed a patent pending algorithm that utilises AI to create real-time Statement of Advice for Financial Advisors and Accountants and today confirms they have appointed Kathryn Sforcina, an accomplished serial entrepreneur in her own right, as Head of Growth.

Kathryn will bring the number of women on the Senior Leadership team up to 50% making Nod one of the few technology companies in Australia, if not the world, to have such a high representation of women in a senior leadership capacity.

Joel Robbie, CEO, says the decision to actively seek true parity within their leadership structure was no accident: “We believe diversity really matters. It’s always been important for us to be genuinely sending the signal that there should be equal representation of genders in tech and we believe that by setting that as a goal from day one it’s made it easier for us to attract amazing female talent like Kathryn to the company. Diversity around the table leads to better decision making so we think it makes perfect sense from a business perspective as well.

Personally, I am humbled that someone of Kathryn’s calibre would be excited to join our company and help us to build amazing technology that enables experts to help more people. We are beyond excited that she has joined the team!”

Joel’s sentiments around women in senior roles being a necessary ingredient in realising their organisations full competitive advantage are echoed by Nod’s Lead Investor and Co-Founder of H2 Ventures, Ben Heap.

Of the decision to hire Kathryn as the woman to take on the role of Head of Growth and Strategy, Ben adds: “As investors we are acutely aware of the diversity problem in tech and have been huge supporters of Nod’s mission to send the signal that change is on the way in this space. From a business perspective it makes all the sense in the world and we are delighted that Kathryn is joining Nod to support its ambitious plans for growth.”

Nod have their sights set on an aggressive expansion plan and view Kathryn’s experience in scaling multiple companies into global markets, along with her Authentic Leadership style as being critical to achieving this outcome.