Nod’s mission is to create a platform where everyone on the planet can get on-demand access to help with financial decisions and questions about money from a network of trusted financial experts.

Nod’s passionate team has built an online platform where getting advice about money is as simple as:

1) Ask a question.

2) Pick an adviser.

3) Get a great answer.

Nod is completely free to join and you only pay once you’ve accepted your advice.

Nod is a true platform (think like Uber) in that they don’t employ any advisers themselves but provide the means for them to advise on the Nod platform. This means they stay neutral, provide transparency and the marketplace (i.e. all our amazing customers) decides which advisers are great and pushes them to the top of the pile.

The whole team is really excited about their opportunity to make the lives of people around the world easier and more successful by making expert advice available on-demand.