Mozo launches digital banking intelligence tool – Marketview

Mozo launches digital banking intelligence tool – Marketview

Mozo, one of Australia’s trailblazers amongst financial comparison websites has created a tool that effortlessly consolidates rates, features, fees and general banking market data in a ready to use dataset.

Using expert data and research spanning the last 10 years, Marketview’s comprehensive dashboard makes it easy for you to track banking products across the Australian retail finance market. With over 6,000 product variants from over 120 financial providers across 7 product categories, you will always be in the know.

With a ready to use API and state of the art dashboard, this data is at your fingertips and available for you to use in any way you choose; from powering PFMs to conducting product comparisons or acquiring new customers – the possibilities are endless!

Taking the manual work out of competitive intelligence, Marketview has successfully helped numerous Fintechs and banks take charge of how they operate, by focusing on the insights rather than the data gathering.

Find out more about how Marketview can help you. Contact Mozo for a free demo.