Mortgage broker platform Effi announces two new product updates

Mortgage broker platform Effi announces two new product updates

Financial technology firm Effi has today announced the development two new sophisticated product updates for the CRM; Consumer Portal Impersonation and Calendar Sync.

Following the launch of Effi’s email marketing automation tool in September, and the formation of the Mortgage Broker Tech Council in October plus two new executive hires, Effi is gearing up for its final few product updates ahead of the imminent release of the final version of the CRM in early 2021.

“One of the biggest challenges brokers using our portal faced was their clients [or customers] weren’t filling certain forms out properly on the CRM. The brand new Consumer Portal Impersonation tool hopes to eliminate this issue and further streamline their communications and support for their clients,” said Vy Huynh, Relationship Manager at Effi.

The sophisticated Consumer Portal Impersonation tool allows brokers to see what their customer is doing in real time, answer any questions they may have, and troubleshoot for them in real time, on the site. Brokers can easily assist their customers with filling out their details and more using the tool.

“In addition to the Consumer Portal Impersonation tool, we’re also delighted to have added a Calendar Sync feature. This new feature automates the scheduling of meetings for brokers and their customers, further reducing the need for brokers to coordinate their calendars and reduce their admin time.

“Brokers can set times and dates they are available for meetings, how long they are available for, set a minimum notice time for meetings and customise their working hours. In turn, customers can click a personalised link per broker with broker business branding and set their appointments with them,” explained Huynh.

“We developed these two new features to further add to Effi’s holistic offering as the best possible mortgage broking platform in Australia.”

The final version of the Effi CRM is predicted to be released in early 2021.