Marketech gives investors online trading access to NSX

Marketech gives investors online trading access to NSX

Trading platform Marketech today became the first online retail broking platform in Australia to partner with the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), giving retail investors immediate online trading access to Australia’s leading alternative stock exchange.

The partnership represents a significant step in improving liquidity for emerging Australian companies listed on the tier one licensed exchange, allowing active traders to have real time visibility of the NSX market via the Marketech platform.

Beyond being a unique technology solution, Marketech CEO Travis Clark says this is an important initiative in helping offer a viable alternative for smaller emerging companies to access capital to fast track their growth.

“The NSX plays an important role in the early stage investment sector by offering the next generation of emerging Australian venture companies access to much needed capital. However, for investors it has been a challenge to gain visibility and access to investment opportunities in these companies,” Clark said.

This partnership brings the NSX investment universe to online retail investors, with an affordable, high tech trading solution, connected to the CHESS settlement process, something that was previously only available through advice brokers.

NSX CEO John Karantzis said, “We have made a number of very significant technology upgrades in the last 12 months, with the connection to the Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) last November allowing fully automated trading and novated settlement on the NSX for the first time.”

“The addition of the Marketech online trading platform will help improve liquidity and aligns with our goal to become Australia’s leading venture exchange,” Karantzis said.

While the rise of millennial and first-time investors has generated much attention over the past 18 months, Marketech is focusing on an overlooked segment of the market – active and serious traders, providing market-leading trading tools and fairer fees to active investors.

“Giving investors greater access is core to Marketech’s mission,” Clark said. “We are very focused on using technology to bring institutional level functionality to retail investors.”

Marketech has built a technology platform that uniquely caters for serious traders looking for high end functionality.

“For too long, these traders have had to either pay higher fees or put up with substandard technology that is not fit for purpose. Our technology and pricing structure is a game changer for this growing group of active traders,” Clark said.