Marketech expands stock market media and services through partnership with Sequoia Financial Group

Marketech expands stock market media and services through partnership with Sequoia Financial Group

Marketech, a leading tech-driven market-data and trading platform developer, have announced another expanded content partnership with the long-running market-media entities of ASX-listed Sequoia Financial Group, including articles, videos, webinars and research from the ShareCafe, Finance News Network, and Corporate Connect brands.

This collaboration marks the integration of the ninth third-party financial service and market-media product into the Marketech Focus platform, and also included an expansion of the ‘Marcus Today’ content, with their daily podcasts and interviews.

Users of the free Focus platform can curate their daily newsfeed, and set alerts for conference session times and stock references – that they may have otherwise missed due to the sheer volume of media that is created about the markets.

According to Marketech’s CEO, Travis Clark, there are several more planned integrations underway for the award-winning Focus platform.

Clark stated, “We have more than a dozen media and product integrations in the current pipeline, including some possible advisory services and corporate deal flow. Our objective is to establish our technology as the central hub for all ASX-related services & media, and as the standard ‘go-to’ platform for serious investors. Each new product integration serves to expand the audience for all of the other embedded products while enhancing the overall functionality of our platform for users.”

Marketech recently celebrated a record-breaking month in traded volumes and concurrent subscribers, and boasts an average traded volume of approximately $170,000 per subscriber per month over the past 12 months. Clark also emphasized the value of attracting a ‘serious’ investor audience, noting their continuity of engaging with the market, even during downturns.

“While many perceive us as just another online trading company, the trading function from Openmarkets is just one example of a third-party connected service. It would be more accurate to portray Marketech Focus as a market-data platform that attracts top-tier investors, and as a venue or host for other market-related businesses to engage with this high-value audience. We realised that serious investors only have so much time to try and consume all this new information each day, so we’re putting everything about the market, or every market-related service that they need, into the one platform, with the market data,” Clark explained.

The collaboration with Sequoia’s media arm underscores Marketech’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value and insights to its user base, whilst upgrading the product delivery mechanisms for other market-related companies.

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