Lender finder CashPal records 10x growth in two years

Lender finder CashPal records 10x growth in two years

Just as the last quarter of 2022 is ramping up, CashPal has recorded a groundbreaking 10x growth compared to its position in 2020. Showing no signs of stopping, the online personal loan lender finder is on target to surpass 2021 results by over 40% by the end of this year.

In the hyper-competitive market that is the personal loans industry, CashPal continues to disrupt and surprise the majors. Processing thousands of personal loan applications each month has allowed CashPal to compete with large lender finders and established lenders .

“CashPal’s performance is not slowing down at all, with continued application growth month-on-month and application quality also improving ” commented a representative from CashPal.

CashPal’s key to success lies in its dominant online real estate presence. The website’s traffic is heavily driven by organic non-branded keywords, maximising its visibility on online searches. Over 95% of CashPal’s website traffic and new loan applications are from 1st time visitors, ensuring a steady stream of new users applying for loans. This has cemented CashPal’s position in the market, and is the engine for its continued growth.

CashPal’s future holds much potential, and plans for which direction it will head are in discussion. Among many possibilities, mergers and capital investment are potentially in store for the online lender finder.