Joust partners with Nectar Mortgages to give Australians a smooth home loan application process

Joust partners with Nectar Mortgages to give Australians a smooth home loan application process, Australia’s leading online home loan marketplace, today announced a partnership with Nectar Mortgages, one of the fastest growing mortgage brokering businesses in Australia.

The two companies will work together to provide Australian borrowers with a fast, easy, seamless home loan application process.

Joust helps borrowers connect with the right lenders and brokers, empowering them to make informed decisions so they can reach their financial goals. Borrowers who use the Joust platform to refinance their loans save on average $3,500 per year on their monthly repayments.

The Joust platform also enables brokers to obtain highly qualified leads in real-time, enabling a faster customer experience for the customer, but also ensuring a constant flow of lead generation for brokers to scale their businesses.

Nectar Mortgages will obtain highly qualified prospective customers through Joust’s Instant Match and Live Auction platforms. The aggregator will provide Joust customers with a transparent, world-class customer experience and a fantastic range of options for their home loan needs without the stress and hassle of comparing different lender offers.

Nectar Mortgages General Manager Stephen Harris said, “Partnering with Joust gives us access to more customers who we can help save time and money in the home loan process.”

“The Joust platform helps our brokers to scale their businesses, monitor and improve business performance and target the right customers. This is a great opportunity for us to grow our franchises, and for our broker network to build long term relationships with clients.”

Joust CEO Carl Hammerschmidt said, “This partnership comes as the broker market continues to grow in scale with borrowers increasingly wanting the personalised service that brokers can provide. Partnering with Nectar will allow Joust to provide consumers with a fantastic choice and breadth of offerings through the Nectar network, while at the same time the Joust platform will provide Nectar brokers with fantastic market share.”