Iress launches FIX Hub for Australian clients

Iress launches FIX Hub for Australian clients

Iress today announced the launch of a global FIX hub for Australian trading clients, with 26 Degrees Global Markets one of the first firms to begin onboarding this month. The Iress FIX Hub is a cloud-native FIX hub that connects buy-side, sell-side and trading venues across global markets; enabling Australian trading firms to expand their investment opportunities across all major asset classes and multiple message interfaces.

In addition to global connectivity, Iress’ FIX Hub solution provides buy-side and sell-side clients with instant access for FIX onboarding, built-in capability for monitoring and security, access to daily reconciliation and validation, and ongoing diagnostics to reduce the risk of outages and downtime.

Iress’ CEO of Trading and Market Data, Jason Hoang, said: “At Iress, we know how important responsiveness and reliability are for our trading clients. We also know FIX services in Australia have historically been run on outdated technology with a complex web of point-to-point connections that slow everything down. Many trading firms rely on a range of technology partners, instead of finding real efficiency with one provider who can do it all.

“With Iress’ FIX Hub, we’re innovating our trading software by introducing trading infrastructure that provides frictionless onboarding, low-touch workflow, interoperability and resilience. We’ve been able to use the foundations of our expertise in providing FIX solutions around the globe to reimagine a cloud native FIX Hub in Australia that is faster, more reliable and better connected, so Australian trading firms can stay at the forefront of global markets.

“Iress’ FIX Hub forms a key part of Iress’ refreshed strategy to refocus on our clients in trading and market data by reinvesting in our core software and data and analytics capabilities. In 2024, Iress’ FIX Hub capabilities will continue to evolve and focus on enhancing the client experience while delivering value-add data insights. These include machine learning-based insights for smarter trading and investing decisions. We’re also looking at opportunities to expand Iress’ FIX Hub to the Asian market.”

26 Degrees Global Markets’ Chief Commercial Officer, James Alexander said: “We’re delighted to be working with Iress to expand our global connectivity to hedge fund clients through their FIX Hub. This functionality provides us with improved time to market, frictionless session deployment and increased resilience, affording our clients a simple and robust integration to our services.”