Introducing Australian FinTech’s newest member – HNRY

Introducing Australian FinTech’s newest member – HNRY

Hnry is an all-in-one digital accountancy service designed for independent earners such as contractors, freelancers, tradies and sole traders. Hnry takes care of all the financial admin, including invoicing, expenses, payments, taxes and filings, enabling sole traders to get on with the job rather than having to worry about tax and compliance.

Founded by James and Claire Fuller, the company launched in New Zealand in 2017. The company expanded into Australia in 2020 and quickly became Australasia’s fastest growing specialist accountancy service. A $15m capital raise in early 2022 is spearheading Hnry’s growth in Australia, supported by the appointment of Karan Anand as Managing Director of Hnry Australia.

Hnry was the recipient of the Best B2B Innovation award at the 2022 Finder Innovation Awards; the People’s Choice Award at the 2022 FinTech Australia Finnie Awards; and was Supporting Gold winner at the 2020 Wellington Gold Awards in New Zealand.

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