IncentiaPay to crack Chinese tourist market with Alipay

ASX-listed IncentiaPay is partnering with Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent EFTPOS provider to give over 55,000 Australian retailers the chance to target Chinese tourists with discount deals and offers via Alipay.

Alipay is an e-wallet payment method that is favoured by the Chinese.

In a market update this week, IncentiaPay — known until recently as BPS Technology — said the marketing agreement with Smartpay Holdings was aimed at increasing its exposure to Alipay and the whopping $13 billion annual Chinese tourist spend in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the deal, the payment providers will leverage the more than 55,000 merchants across their networks to promote goods and services to Alipay users, China’s largest third-party online payment solution and an offshoot of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group.

IncentiaPay has around 32,000 retailers across its Entertainment Book and Bartercard platforms, while Smartpay has a network of around 25,000 merchants offering its Alipay solution, which allows the processing of card transactions and payments using a QR code on a single terminal.

Both IncentiaPay and Smartpay are already strategic partners of Alipay, which has a staggering 520 million active users in China. The marketing deal will make it much easier for Chinese tourists to get access to discounts while using the popular platform on holiday.

Specifically, it means that Chinese users of the Alipay platform will be offered the opportunity to download unique vouchers and coupons, make bookings and transact before, during and after their stay in Australia or New Zealand, IncentiaPay said in the update.


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Source: IncentiaPay to crack Chinese tourist market with Alipay | The West Australian

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