Identitii achieves Microsoft ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status

Identitii achieves Microsoft ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status

Identitii Limited (ASX:ID8) has become a Microsoft Corporation ‘Co-Sell Ready’ partner. Achieving Microsoft ‘Co-sell Ready’ status enables Identitii to direct global marketing and sales efforts towards Microsoft’s significant financial services customer base, including tier one financial institutions, to drive global sales of Overlay+.

As part of the ‘Co-Sell Ready’ program, Identitii can pursue commercial opportunities targeting Microsoft’s customers. Go to market activities will include sales opportunities that combine Identitii’s Overlay+ platform with Microsoft’s products, including Microsoft’s cloud platform Microsoft Azure. Identitii will also benefit from access to Microsoft’s global sales expertise and marketing capabilities, including marketing assets and campaign content.

Identitii’s Overlay+ is a secure and auditable platform that uses a private blockchain and unique identifiers called Identitii Tokens, to enable a faster, more transparent corporate banking ecosystem using existing technology infrastructure.

Building on Identitii’s existing integration of Microsoft Outlook into its Overlay+ platform and offering additional value for customers already using Microsoft’s extensive product suite, Identitii will provide integration with Microsoft Azure as an option for customers looking to adopt cloud services that compliment Overlay+.

In line with the Company’s partnership model, being ‘Co-Sell Ready’ represents a new channel to market for Identitii’s Overlay+ platform, helping the Company to scale its sales by significantly extending its customer reach, expanding its marketing and creating new revenue opportunities.

Commenting on the ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status, Identitii CEO, Nick Armstrong, said, “Achieving ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status with Microsoft is an important step along the path of delivering our Overlay+ go-to-market strategy. Identitii has already demonstrated initial success in our direct sales approach however, to truly achieve global sales we plan to leverage larger partners.

“Our relationship with Microsoft brings massive scale through both the size of its global customer base and the depth of its sales and marketing resources. It also aligns with key elements of our product strategy including deployment in the cloud, utilising Microsoft Azure, and offering multiple API-based integration options to connect with existing corporate systems, many of which form part of Microsoft’s extensive product suite,” Mr Armstrong said.

Overlay+ has been developed by Identitii in response to demand from banks and corporate customers seeking more effective solutions to support payment processes with increased data security and integrity. Through Overlay+, bank customers receive an enhanced service within a streamlined, data rich ecosystem secured by private blockchain technology.

Overlay+ creates an unalterable audit trail of activity for each financial transaction, addressing a bank’s need to Know Your Transaction. It simplifies customer and financial crime compliance, payments, cash management, document management and standards adoption for financial institutions, corporates, and their counterparties by enhancing financial messages with information related to the purpose, origin and beneficiary of a payment at the time a payment is made.