How MyState strikes the balance in digital banking

How MyState strikes the balance in digital banking

MyState Bank recognised that it needed to bring along its older customers along the journey to embrace digital banking, with the bank now working with a state government to boost digital literacy amongst older Australians.

MyState Bank has been recognised for its transformation, delivering innovative offerings to its members

Recently, it rolled out a plethora of innovative financial well-being features.

MyState chief digital marketing officer Heather McGovern came into the business in 2019 having worked for a number of big businesses in banking and insurance.

She recognised that people need to feel included if its digital banking agenda was to be embraced by its customers.

“In terms of migrating people to digital, it’s definitely not a one size fits all,” McGovern said.

While a portion of customers are naturally inclined to adopt digital banking, other customers “need a lot more handholding,” she said.

The bank holds seminars in a number of branches to help their customers with digital banking.

“It is about actually sitting down with them and showing our customers how to get online rather than just sending them an email [with instructions]. This approach highlights that it really needs to be targeted.”

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Source: How MyState strikes the balance in digital banking | RFi Group