How Blockchain crowdfunding could soon kill off the ICO

How Blockchain crowdfunding could soon kill off the ICO

The words Blockchain and ICO might go together like sausage and mash but there’s a good reason, it generated nearly $8 billion in funds raised in 2018. Impressive but still only a tiny fraction of the global crowdfunding industry and already this year we’re seeing a sharp decline. Whereas in the traditional crowdfunding arena the odds are better, the industry is expected to hit $300 billion by 2025, with over $34 billion raised to date.

Besides the staggering money raised, crowdfunding promotes product innovation, provides access to capital to founders, and leads to job creation. However, there are downsides in the industry. It is reported that nearly 78% of all crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their targets and only 1.2% of funds raised go to developing countries. Similar with ICOs, there is also a level of trust that needs to be gained in campaigns in order to build a strong backing and community.


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Source: How Blockchain Crowdfunding Could Soon Kill Off The ICO

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