Forbes Fintech 50 call for nominations

Forbes Fintech 50 call for nominations

For two years, Forbes has published our Fintech 50 list, showcasing the top companies shaping “the future of your money.” (See the 2015 and 2016 lists.)

These innovative startups are making it easier for suppliers in emerging economies to get paid, for low-mileage drivers to save hundreds of dollars a year, for your financial advisor to create a tailored-for-you portfolio, and enabling even more technological advances that benefit many of us daily, unbeknownst to us.

If the Great Recession shook trust in global finance, these are the firms that are building it back up.

We’re about to begin updating the list for the third year — a multi-month process which entails gathering nominations, sifting through them, talking with hundreds of companies, understanding the cutting edge of specialties within fintech and then winnowing our choices down to the best.

This is our call for nominations.

If you own or work at a fintech firm that you think is worthy — or if you’re a fan of one — please tell us about it. The only stipulations are that it be a venture-backed startup with operations in the United States. That means no publicly traded companies or their subsidiaries and no privately held established firms.

If you are submitting a company for which you’re an owner or employee, please use this form.

If you’re nominating a startup of whose inner workings you have no knowledge, please fill this out.

The deadline for both sets of submissions is Friday, September 15, 2017. If we have more specific questions, we will be in touch.

Most importantly, only submit the form once. It does not help you to have multiple nominations. This is not a popularity contest, and nominations do not count as votes. We want to hear about as many companies as possible while not being inundated with a flood of responses that we have to spend time throwing out.

If you’re wondering how we define fintech, broadly, we will consider firms that work in the areas of investing, trading, wealth management, lending, personal finance, financial information and data, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, payments, business services and capital markets.

So if any venture-backed startup in any of those areas is worthy of our attention, please let us know. We look forward to reading your submissions.


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