Fintechs to play vital ESG role: AXA

Fintechs to play vital ESG role: AXA

AXA Investment Managers global head of responsible investing Matt Christensen told a recent roundtable in Sydney that fintechs will play a vital role in investors’ attempts to address climate change.

The role of fintechs, according to Christensen, will become apparent as metrics are created to measure the impact of temperature change due to climate change on portfolios.

“Part of what we have to do under law in the French markets is answer what we are doing about climate change, under the two degree agreement that came out of the Paris accords,” Christensen said.

“We’re looking at creating a warming temperature gauge that would allow us to look at the portfolios of clients compared to the benchmark and see whether we are on track or how we can shift over time to produce better results with the two degree scenario.”

Christensen indicated he hopes to have launched the gauge by the end of the year, but explained that at the moment his modelling is working off too many unproven assumptions.

“There is a lot of fintech innovation happening in this area right now in this, but the key is to make it work for investors,” he said.

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Source: Fintechs to play vital ESG role: AXA | Financial Standard