Fintech offers brokers better commissions after BID

Fintech offers brokers better commissions after BID

Nodifi, one of the rising names in the asset finance space, are to offer a new bespoke product for brokers that can help them to navigate the new Best Interests Duty (BID) regulations that have been in force since the start of 2021.

It represents a concerted effort to bring brokers back to asset finance after many departed the space due to the new rules, which reduced commissions for brokers and dissuaded many from engaging with consumer-facing asset work.

“It allows brokers to set fixed rates for consumer asset finance,” said Alex Ventura of Nodifi of the new product. “The reason that they might want to do that is because of the new BID regulations: when they were introduced, it meant that brokers had to dial down rates to the base rates as that is in the best interest of the consumers. When they do that, they don’t earn a commission on it.”

“There has been a big grey area around consumer asset finance so to overcome that, we’ve introduced a new update to the platform that has set fixed rates so brokers don’t have to worry about it because the commission is already inclusive in what that has been dialled up to. That’s the main benefit.”

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Source: Fintech offers brokers better commissions after BID