Fintech company unveils major rebrand

Fintech company unveils major rebrand

Peer-to-peer invoice financer, The Invoice Market (tim), has unveiled its new branding, new website and a significant upgrade to its online client and funder platform.

The chief executive of tim, Angus Sedgwick, said he believes alternative finance and fintech companies will invariably disrupt the financial services market, however, more work needs to be done in awareness – which drove his decision to rebrand tim.

“The simple availability of a platform will not create business flow. Much work needs to be done at the coal face to educate businesses about this source of funding,” he said.

“Since establishing tim, we’ve invested considerable time in ensuring clients and potential clients appreciate the benefits of tim’s online platform. And it’s something we’ll continue to do.”

Speaking of the rebrand – which features the hunting dog breed, Pointer – Sedgwick says it will better resonate with consumers and highlight the difference of peer-to-peer platforms in getting a better deal.

“We sort to create a character to represent tim and one with whom clients can relate to. So, choosing the Pointer is a deliberate strategy. We are highlighting that tim offers a substantially different and better service for businesses than any of our competitors in both flexible invoice cash flow financing and alternate sources of funding.”

Source: Fintech company unveils major rebrand