EzzyBills releases its customer ordering portal

EzzyBills releases its customer ordering portal

Used like a shopping cart application for B2B businesses, EzzyBills has now released its beta version of a customer ordering portal.

This ordering portal allows customers to order products directly from their suppliers using this simple to set-up and easy to use platform.

“We found that many of our B2B clients are still taking orders in a very manual way where their customers will call or e-mail in purchase orders,” explains EzzyBill’s Founder, Michael Fitzmaurice. “This is very time consuming and prone to human error during processing.”

To help solve this problem and make the ordering process simpler for these B2B businesses, EzzyBills created a customer ordering portal.

This ordering portal acts like a shopping cart app but includes specific functionality targeted to B2B businesses.

The business sets up the ordering portal by uploading the stock they sell to the portal. Then, their customers can sign into their portal and place an order. Finally, EzzyBills automatically generates a sale invoice that is uploaded directly to their accounting or inventory management software.

“The EzzyBills Ordering Portal has been a complete game changer for our business,” remarked Graham Uprichard, CEO of Nak Sealing Technologies. “It saves our team hours each week answering the phone taking orders from our customers. Our customers also appreciate it because they can order from us whenever suits and are not restricted to our trading hours.”

The customer ordering portal feature is included in all EzzyBills subscriptions.

Some of the other features of the ordering portal include:

  • Exporting part numbers and photos from your accounting or inventory software into the ordering portal
  • Tracking stock levels and notifying customers if stock is unavailable
  • Uploading up to 10,000 unique items that you sell
  • Setting minimum orders values

As well, the customer ordering portal can integrate fully with any other EzzyBills workflows such as price checking or management approvals.

For more information or to activate the ordering portal, sign up for a free 30 days EzzyBills trial at www.ezzybills.com or contact them at [email protected].