Evari’s success is all about having its head in the cloud

Evari’s success is all about having its head in the cloud

Australian business insurance is about to be turned on its head with Insurtech, Evari, set to create waves with its integrated, online insurance platform that makes obtaining and managing insurance quick and easy for small business.

Evari’s cloud-based insurance platform is the first of its kind in the world, with no other provider offering fully digital, tailored insurance focussed at the small business sector, starting with cafes, restaurants and small retailers.

Evari CEO, Mr Daniel Fogarty, says the insurance platform is a win-win for small business.

‘By integrating the insurance platform with a business’s cloud accounting software, we are alleviating the pain points with regard to how they obtain their insurance,’ Mr Fogarty said.

A common issue experienced by small businesses is that their insurance cover becomes outdated soon after it is purchased, which means they are often not properly covered or paying for cover they are not using and Mr Fogarty believes that businesses deserve better.

‘We want to give businesses an insurance product that is tailored for their business and can adapt as they grow.”

‘We are living in a digital economy and there is a significant opportunity within the sector to transform how customers interact with their insurance providers. Business customers should have the right insurance at all times and cloud technology is the key to this’ said Mr Fogarty.

The integration of cloud accounting software is just one aspect of Evari’s unique proposition.

What really sets it apart are its fully flexible insurance policies, allowing a businesses to update its insurance at any time and the change is effective immediately.

The platform also monitors a business’s cloud accounting data on a regular basis and notifies them of changes to their business which may impact on their insurance cover.

Evari may be the ‘new kid on the block’ in insurance circles, but it has solid credentials to its name, with Mr Fogarty being former CEO of Zurich Australia & New Zealand and having 30 years of financial services experience under his belt, as well as the product being underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.

Evari has its sights firmly set on utilising cloud technology to bridge the gap between the insurance provider and the customer, by making the insurance process as simple as the click of a finger.

‘Businesses are time-poor and Evari provides an insurance system that is intuitive to a business’s needs, by working with its cloud-accounting data to determine an appropriate level of cover,’ Mr Fogarty said.

‘This type of innovative offering is all about giving control back to the customer. Our platform ensures that insurance is made easy and will never be put in the ‘too hard’ basket.’