DomaCom acquires property via HUB24

DomaCom acquires property via HUB24

DomaCom has completed its first fractional property transaction on investment and superannuation platform HUB24.

DomaCom chief executive, Arthur Naoumidis, said: “Increasing our footprint on platforms is validation that our fractional property fund is gaining wider acceptance and a place in portfolio construction that can fit into any structure”.

“We’re very pleased to add HUB24 to the list of platforms coming on board with DomaCom and in this case it is GPS Wealth adviser clients who have completed a crowdfunding campaign to acquire two properties in Victoria and Queensland,” he said.

DomaCom’s fractional property investment model allows advisers to approach property as a portfolio strategy investing across multiple properties, property types and geographic locations by allocating a precise amount.

GPS director, Rob McGregor said the firm engaged with professional property advisers to locate two residential properties in different states to give some diversification.


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