Customers app-laud new ubank digital look and feel

Customers app-laud new ubank digital look and feel

Australia’s first digital bank, UBank has revealed a new look and feel after merging with smart bank, 86 400 – becoming one team under a single brand, ubank.

Representing the perfect pairing of an established customer base and name (UBank) with the visual identity, technology, and innovation capability of 86 400, ubank enables customers to see their money from over 100 financial institutions in one place – no matter where they have accounts.

Thinking of itself as a money app first and a bank second, ubank will bring together smart features, including savings targets and bonus interest nudges, with real-time insights and a digital home loan experience designed to help customers get ahead.

Ubank CEO, Philippa Watson, said building a compelling digital-only option for customers was essential to helping them achieve real momentum with money.

“We know our customers regularly use a dozen or more apps per day, and they expect their banking experience to be as easy, helpful and enjoyable as every one of those apps. We also know our customers are thinking about their money more than ever,” said Ms Watson.

“We’ve listened and brought great features to the ubank app to help people be more successful with their money. We’ve got leading technology from Australia’s first smart bank paired perfectly with a brand that has been trusted by Australians for almost 15 years.

“This is an exciting day for ubank customers, our team and partners who have been on the journey with us since NAB first announced the partnership between 86 400 and UBank over a year ago.”

Both businesses have been on strong trajectories of growth, bringing substantial home loan and deposit balances under the new ubank name.

“Our team has an incredible combination of banking and technology leaders and I’m looking forward to seeing this team continue to bring innovative technology and money solutions to customers,” finished Ms Watson.

From today, existing 86 400 customers will be met with a new name (ubank), a refreshed and rebranded website (, a new app to download in the app store and a new ubank card in their digital wallet. UBank customers will experience a more gradual introduction to the new brand experience and will be migrated to the new technology and refreshed brand over the course of the next six months.