Ziksu is the first Australian neo bank to utilise the Reserve Bank’s world class infrastructure and QR code technology (New Payments Platform – NPP) which supports both static and dynamic QR Codes, across a range of uses, including e-commerce, invoices, terminals, and P2P scenarios.

Ziksu have developed an instant, mobile ‘Scan n Pay’ digital platform, where every transaction is settled instantly, and the system never goes down, even when there’s no power, phone lines or banking signals. This effectively means all merchants can now optimise every opportunity to trade and enhance their cashflow.

Being an Australian Digital Bank, Incorporated in 2020, Ziksu have all the latest technology and security systems in place, and they adhere to the same regulatory and legislative compliance as every other Australian Bank.

Ziksu is also the first truly contactless payment system, even when a PIN is required, the purchaser inputs the PIN on their own mobile phone.

Ziksu are proudly West Australian owned and by offering a 3rd alternative for accepting payments (Cash | Tap n Pay | Ziksu!), they’re set to disrupt and revolutionise the way Australia banks.