Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer (WKL) is a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services for healthcare; tax and accounting; governance, risk and compliance; and legal and regulatory sectors.

Wolters Kluwer is a leader in guiding accounting and tax firms and corporates through digital transformation. Across Asia Pacific, Wolters Kluwer inspires productivity, innovation and collaboration through its key tax and accounting products including CCH iKnow, CCH Integrator and CCH iFirm.

With the integrity and accuracy of over 50 years’ experience in Australia and New Zealand and over 175 years internationally, Wolters Kluwer is committed to raising the bar for software, knowledge, tools and education.

CCH Integrator: simplifying the complexity of global tax

CCH Integrator is a cloud-based enterprise tax reporting and compliance platform designed specifically for large businesses and professional services firms to manage multiple tax regimes, reporting requirements, languages and currencies from anywhere in the world.

In simple terms, CCH Integrator is an automation tool to help enterprises manage the collection of tax data, collaborate internally as well as externally, calculate their taxes and finally report that data to the intended audience.

From one person to multinational teams, CCH Integrator streamlines the complexity of tax compliance and reporting across multiple entities and jurisdictions, increasing control, reducing risk and freeing the tax function to focus on higher value work.

CCH iFirm: award-winning cloud suite of firm management and compliance software

CCH iFirm is a cloud-based practice management and compliance software platform designed for small to medium accounting firms and enabling an end-to-end workflow across firm management and compliance.

In a single dashboard view, CCH iFirm includes modules for tax, practice management, client portal, document management, e-signatures, accounting, reporting, CRM and more. All the modules are designed to work together for optimal firm efficiency.

CCH iFirm also integrates with CCH iKnow; enabling accountants to easily search and access content from the Australian Master Tax Guide.

CCH iKnow: trusted tax and accounting content curated by experts

CCH iKnow is the most valuable resource for today’s tax professional. With all the comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth content you’ll ever need – curated by Wolters Kluwer experts, always presenting the latest practical content, commentary, legislation and rulings.

Deliver timely, confident and accurate advice – backed by more than 50 years of Wolters Kluwer knowledge and experience.

Nowhere else can you find this many layers of accurate and relevant content. Delivered through an intuitive interface, that enables professionals to work smarter, finding the right answer faster, without skipping the detail.

Access more experts and a broader base of tax content, in an intelligent and contemporary way. With all your favourite features retained – providing superior value to you and your clients.


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