2015 – The Government called for Taxation Innovation.

Perfect timing – the New Payments Platform was being developed with new innovative processing systems that permitted instant payments and transmission of multiple sets of data. Automated GST was now going to be possible.
The long trip with the NPPA development teams.

2016 – The Taxcapture team designed Automated GST and other taxation systems.

2017 – Patents granted for Automated GST, PAYG and Superannuation.

2017 – Taxcapture Presented Automated GST at the 6th Annual Payments Innovation (NPPA).

2018 – Taxcapture presented at the Vodaphone National Small Business Summit.

2018 – Taxcapture retained the services of Industrie&Co (Li Jiang – lead developer
of OSKO) to examine the integration of the Automated GST system into the NPPA.

2018 – Li Jiang (lead developer of OSKO) and her engineers developed NPPA integration diagrams, & confirmed that Taxcapture could eventually be implemented into the NPPA.

2018 – Taxcapture was then invited to make a presentation to the #COLLABNPP hosted
by the NPPA in May 2018 and was hailed as the most innovative financial development.

2018 – 2021 presentations to minister for finance (Senator Cormann) and multiple presentations to the ATO. Presentation to Senator Jane Hume. (Assistant minister for Financial Services and Financial Technology)
Then in 2021 correspondence received from Chris Rock (ATO) stated “TaxCapture could eliminate the need for a BAS statement.”

2022 – Fast payments forum in Sydney – introduced to possible development partners.

2022 – Monoova & Adatree offer to assist Taxcapture to develop POC for Auto GST.

2022 – Taxcapture connected to the RBA to keep them informed of all developments and get their feedback

Automation of Taxation is inevitable, and only the development of the NPPA, Fast Payments Platform and all of the Innovators involved, have now made Taxcapture possible. Taxcapture puts billions of dollars into the pocket of Government and at the same time, saves businesses over $12bn per annum. A gift to the Australian economy, soon to be rolled out with a fanfare like never before. The Australian taxation system entering the 21st century.