Nimble are tech-loving geeks who saw something wrong with the way people borrow money and decided to fix it. So they imagined the simplest, fastest, most stress-free way to borrow – then built a technology platform to give small loans like never seen before.

It’s a totally new way of borrowing money.

There’s no need to suffer through paperwork, meetings, and phone calls – only to sit around waiting days for a decision.

And why get locked into a long-term commitment like a credit card and personal loan – just to solve a short-term hitch?

With Nimble, you can safely borrow a few hundred dollars in minutes, pay it all back a few weeks later, and get on with your life. Free of long-term debt.

It’s nothing more than a couple of quick taps on your device. And it’s actually a beautiful experience.

When was the last time you said that about a loan?

Today Nimble has become a normal part of peoples’ lives with hundreds of thousands of Australians choosing to “Nimble it” every year.