iPayPro is a digital payment company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


iPayPro facilitates merchants with a beautiful yet powerful business URL called “BIZ Link”. Embedded in a unique, customisable, all-in-one QR Code, the BIZ Link enables merchants to accept payments at a $0 fee with over 50 different currencies without needing a physical terminal.

iPayPro also empowers individuals with the tool to convert their dreams into a business. From accepting their first payments for products or services to building a comprehensive online and even physical store, BIZ Link is that revolutionary tool that makes it all possible.


CRM (Business Management Tool) 

Accessing world-class CRM developed by iPayPro, merchants can generate BIZ Links within minutes of registration allowing them to print and use their QR codes instantly.


iPayWatch / EFT-Tags

Additional features such as NFC-enabled EFT-Tags and iPayWatches are the most popular technology within major industries such as hospitality, entertainment, construction, education, business services and eCommerce.



iPayPro also provides merchants with a modern POS system, “iPayPOS”, that enables them to seamlessly manage all their operations. iPayPOS is designed to integrate all aspects of a merchant’s business services into one system, removing the need for multiple apps and devices to manage front-of-house and back-end features. The system can be operated from any device, anywhere, giving them the ability to remotely manage all aspects of their business with ease.

iPayPOS is designed to help businesses to be more profitable and easier to run. The system has a comprehensive number of features that can benefit multiple different business types, all of which are optional and customisable. This means they can: update menus on the go; create custom variations and price lists for specific times and dates such as happy hours or public holiday surcharges; temporarily disable unavailable products or features; and many more.

A positive online and in-store ordering experience is extremely important. Customers who enjoy their dine-in or ordering experience, engage more with the venue as well. Our interactive layout and marketing tools help venues to not just interact with the customer, but also build rapport and increase their average order value. iPayPOS can also be integrated with a merchant’s own website, making it even easier to showcase their products and services.