Australia’s most open-minded Lender
Bizcap believes that Australian small businesses should have fast access to the capital they need to grow, even if they do not have the ‘perfect credit score’ or have a situation that is ‘outside the norm’. They take a systematic approach to assessing credit and risk by really getting to know their customers by accessing more than just their credit. Bizcap is proud to provide Australian small businesses with loans from $5,000 – $4,000,000, funded within 3 hours.


They pride themselves on supporting those that need it most, this means they welcome businesses:
· with defaults or judgements of hardships.
· that have been declined from other lenders; and
· with poor credit scores, (they have no minimum credit score requirements)


They can support this space for several reasons:
· their management team has over 15 years underwriting experience, primarily in US markets which are at least 7-8 years ahead of the local market.
· their systematic, robust, and efficient due diligence methodology; and
· their ability to price risk appropriately, allowing them to support businesses so it is sustainable for both parties.


They provide their customers:
· a digital workflow process (application, due diligence, and fulfilment), which means they can be assessed and funded within 3 business hours;
· access to funding when they need it most, but other lenders will not support them; and
· ongoing support and access to more funds assuming repayments and business circumstances are healthy.

Whether you are a customer looking to access funds quickly, or a Broker looking for an open-minded partner to provide real solutions to your customers, contact Bizcap today!


Email via [email protected] or call them on 1300 922 223.