CBA ramps up blockchain

CBA ramps up blockchain

Commonwealth Bank is close to completing more blockchain projects, after it delivered the world’s first blockchain bond with World Bank in August.

Speaking at SIBOS, Sophie Gilder who is CBA’s head of experimentation and commercialisation for blockchain, embodied AI and emerging technology said CBA has a portfolio of blockchain projects.

Some of these are at very early stages where the bank is trying to determine if they are worthwhile to take forward or not.

Others are at a pilot stage where the bank has been through successful proof of concept, has demonstrated the feasibility of the technology being applied to a particular problem and is taking the project to the next step.

“And then we have got some our most mature projects in the capital markets space and also in the payments space where they are in early stage commercialisation,” Gilder said.

“Some of them are still minimum viable products but definitely out in the market being utilised with real money being raised or transferred.”


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Source: CBA ramps up blockchain | Financial Standard