Can home loans be approved in 22 minutes?

Can home loans be approved in 22 minutes?

South Australia-based fintech firm Tic:Toc recently launched the world’s first complete online home loans platform. It will be the first online home loan platform to offer customers home loan approval in 22 minutes, as opposed to the customary 22 days.

Aside from expediting the loan approval process, Tic:Toc will also pass on the cost savings of digitisation to their customers via competitive interest rates, as well as no application, settlement, or valuation fees.

Backed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, this new fintech venture promises to bring new jobs and investment to South Australia. Moreover, the Weatherill government has approved a $900,000 grant to Tic:Toc via Investment Attraction South Australia’s (IASA) Economic Investment Fund.

By delivering the first genuinely online and fully automated home loan process, Tic:Toc hopes to redefine the way customers secure finance for owner-occupier and property investment, as well as disrupt the home finance landscape.


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