Bizcap, Australia’s most open-minded lender, unveils new financial solutions to empower Australian small businesses

Bizcap, Australia’s most open-minded lender, unveils new financial solutions to empower Australian small businesses

Bizcap, Australia’s most open-minded lender, have announced the launch of two financial solutions designed to address the diverse needs of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, Bizcap is increasing the size of its loans to an industry-leading $5 million.

Line of Credit: Flexible Financing

Say goodbye to cash flow worries and hello to a world of opportunity with Bizcap’s new Line of Credit. This flexible financial solution puts funds at businesses’ fingertips whenever they need them.

In their Beta launch of the Bizcap Line of Credit, retailers have utilised the facility to make quick stock purchases, builders used it to pay import duties on building materials, and childcare facilities dipped into funds to pay salaries between government grants.

So whether businesses are looking to manage cash flow, seize growth opportunities, or handle unexpected expenses, Bizcap’s Line of Credit empowers them to thrive.

“With the Line of Credit, businesses gain the freedom to access funds on-demand, providing the flexibility needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. Bizcap is committed to supporting businesses not just survive but thrive, and the Line of Credit is a testament to this commitment,” said Bizcap Co-Founder Zalman Blachman (pictured right).

The Line of Credit will be available to brokers in late March, and they can register their interest in the interim.

Bridging Finance: Plug Cash Flow Gaps at Discounted Rates

Is your client’s business facing a temporary financial gap? Bizcap’s new Bridging Finance is designed to support small and medium-sized businesses looking for large sums of capital for short periods of time. By leveraging a clear exit strategy and existing assets, SMEs can attain discounts of up to 65% on the cost of funds compared with Bizcap’s standard solutions.

With Bizcap, businesses can now access much-needed funds at an unprecedented speed, getting $150,000 to $5 million in the bank in as little as 24 hours. For example, customers have utilised Bizcap’s Bridging Finance to seize opportunities like purchasing inventory or stock at a discount whilst they have pending invoice payments or asset settlements.

Whether SMEs are awaiting client payments, settlements on assets or properties, grants, bank loans or large sales, Bizcap’s Bridging Finance is their go-to resource for bridging financial gaps with efficiency and ease.

$5 Million Loans: Empowering Growth on a Larger Scale

To further empower businesses in their growth journey, Bizcap have also announced an increase in the size of loans we offer to an impressive $5 million. That’s at least $4 million more than other non-bank SME lenders. This expanded lending capacity allows businesses of all sizes to access the capital they need to fuel their growth, undertake ambitious projects, and chase opportunities with confidence.

“Whether you’re a small business with big dreams or an established enterprise seeking substantial capital, Bizcap’s increased loan size makes it possible to get a large loan with ease,” said Abraham White, Bizcap Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director (pictured left).

Bridging Finance and loans up to $5 million are available to brokers now. They can access them directly or via aggregators where Bizcap is on the panel.

In remarks about how these new products impact brokers, Bizcap’s Blachman added, “Brokers who understand and leverage Bizcap’s solutions gain a competitive edge, offering clients unparalleled speed and access to substantial capital with terms that are tailored to their business. By incorporating Bizcap’s innovations into their toolkit, brokers not only enhance their ability to meet client needs and diversify their offering, but also position themselves as strategic partners, driving success for both their clients and their own business.”

Bizcap’s commitment to saying “yes” more often is reflected in these transformative financial solutions. As we continue to evolve with the changing needs of businesses, Bizcap’s goal remains clear: to empower SMEs with fast access to funds, even if they have existing loans or don’t have the “perfect” credit score.