Bitcoin isn’t a boy’s club, women just aren’t getting involved

Bitcoin isn’t a boy’s club, women just aren’t getting involved

by Chantelle de la Rey, Amber co-founder, product owner and lead designer.

A common question I get asked is ‘why is Bitcoin a boys’ club’? And ‘how do you cope with being a female in three male-dominated spaces?’

Well, let me ask you some questions.

  • Why do you think it is a boy’ club?
  • Why haven’t you as a female entered the Bitcoin or digital-currency space?
  • Why haven’t you bought Bitcoin?

Please comment below or send me a message via social media telling me your why. Here are some common responses.

  • ‘I don’t know enough about the space.’
  • ‘It doesn’t interest me.’
  • ‘Way too volatile.’
  • ‘OMG the news says Bitcoin is for drug dealers.’
  • ‘I heard it was a scam?’
  • ‘What are digital currencies? Isn’t that the same as my $$ money in the bank?’
  • ‘What’s this Bitcoin you speak of? I haven’t heard of it.’
  • ‘It’s too late, I have missed the boat. The hype is over.’

All of these answers aren’t wrong by any means — they’re expected due to a lack of knowledge about the digital-currency space. Learning about Bitcoin is really hard as we aren’t all developers, libertarians, or people in tech and finance with a (generally) high intellect. And that is perfectly fine. It takes time to learn something new. But please do not use the excuse of not doing something because it is male-dominated — that to me is a cop out.

There is no real reason why women aren’t entering the digital-currency space. The creator of Bitcoin ‘Satoshi’ never said ‘no girls allowed’. That line of thinking reminds me of a quote from Mean Girls: “You can’t sit with us.” But we’re not in high school anymore. You don’t need permission from anyone to do, say, or be who you want to be in this century, particularly with something like Bitcoin which is designed to be permissionless (meaning anyone can use it and participate).

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