BGL announces significant software updates for CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360

BGL announces significant software updates for CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360

BGL Corporate Solutions, Australia’s leading supplier of SMSF administration and ASIC corporate compliance solutions, is proud to announce the release of a new trust management dashboard in CAS 360. Plus, addition of new feeds and smart matching enhancements in Simple Fund 360.

“Many corporate secretaries have been using spreadsheets to manage trusts” said BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh. “We have been working for a while to simplify this process and the new Trusts Dashboard in CAS 360 does this to a treat – Trusts are now just as simple as companies to manage on CAS 360”.

“CAS 360 is currently used to manage over 45,000  trusts, with potential to manage many more”, added Lesh. “The new Trusts Dashboard provides CAS 360 users with the ability to manage all their trusts from one place. This simplifies the process as it means less manual work, greater efficiencies and huge amount of saved time”.

“This week marked the 15th Simple Fund 360 and the 24th CAS 360 release for 2018” noted Lesh. “While other talk about Agile Development, BGL continues to deliver with almost 40 cloud and 10 desktop software release in 2018. My Team has worked tirelessly to provide our clients with regular software updates and market leading support”.

The latest Simple Fund 360 release also adds 2 new bank data feeds for Bank Australia and the Macarthur Credit Union through and 2 new broker data feeds with State One Stockbroking and Charter Financial Planning. “This brings the total number of data feeds available in Simple Fund 360 to almost 350. And we will keep working to add even more data feeds through out 2019” says Lesh.

BGL has also added support foreign currency bank data through our AI based account code free smart matching process. The process automatically converts data to Australian dollars and using AI allocated the transactions in the ledger. “Another first for SMSF admin software” Lesh said.

2018 has been a fascinating year in the SMSF software industry. Simple Fund 360 is now the most widely used SMSF admin software solution with over 175,000 funds loaded and CAS 360 the most widely used corporate compliance solution with over 300,000 companies loaded.