Barry Lambert predicts 2017 The Year of the Robo

Barry Lambert predicts 2017 The Year of the Robo


Digital financial advice is poised for rapid uptake in Australia, with 2017 set to be the year when professional financial businesses adopt ‘robo-advice’ as an essential element of their client offering. Ignition Wealth is at the forefront of the pack of Australian digital financial advice technology providers.


Everyone is talking about the cloud revolution and many are looking to change their technology because they want to look smarter. Changing technology is very expensive if it does not revolutionise your business. Financial planning, a labour intensive business is ripe for a business makeover, incorporating digital financial advice (or robo-advice).


Digitalised servicing of the 80 percent of clients that represent only 20 percent of profits is the obvious first step. The percentage of clients serviced by digital financial advice will soon become the industry benchmark AND you will never have to refund fees due to non service!.

Barry Lambert, Investor and Mentor, Ignition Wealth.


Overwhelmingly, businesses across the financial spectrum are selecting Ignition Wealth as their digital financial advice provider for the same three key reasons: speed and ease of integration, robust compliance and a solid, experienced team.


Integration with the Ignition Wealth technology is fast, easy and inexpensive. The most simple out of the box solution can be fully integrated and operational within three days and for a cost of just $1,200..

Richard Liverpool, Head of Sales and Marketing, Ignition Wealth.


Ignition Wealth has been taking meetings from interested parties and heads of major financial institutions since late 2014; today interest has turned into requests for immediate action as businesses urgently seek to provide their clients and members with a proven digital financial advice solution.


“While there have been challenges guiding Ignition Wealth through the early stages of extremely rapid innovation and development, the rewards have been high as the company has attracted both a strong investor and client base. Digital financial advice powered by Ignition Wealth is a unique offering, combining futuristic innovation with the age old banking principles of excellent customer service and maximum return for our clients.”.

Peter Meurer, Chairman Board of Directors, Founding Investor, Ignition Wealth;

Chairman, Nomura Australia


Ignition Wealth technology solutions have powered more than 800,000 advice journeys through tools and calculators since 2010. The highly advanced technology stack has been built to enable bespoke configuration to custom portfolios, currencies, regulatory requirements, taxation, superannuation and unique business needs.


Across all technology and disruption products and services, adoption curves are becoming steeper. In Australia, throughout 2016 we have seen an increasingly rapid uptake of digital financial advice by early adopters and evangelists. In 2017 digital financial advice will become a mainstream solution, provided as a core offering by professional financial businesses..

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.


In 2016 Ignition Wealth experienced rapid growth, attracting several million dollar investment funding rounds from investors including Australian rich-lister Barry Lambert and Millinium Capital Funds and announcing multiple high profile business partnerships including Link Digital Solutions.


Much as the ATM went from being a novelty service to an essential part of daily life, digital financial advice will become an assumed offering for all good operators. By the close of 2017 good financial businesses which do not have a digital advice component will be the exception rather than the rule..

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.