Australia’s fastest growing accounting firm, Illumin8, implements Annature

Australia’s fastest growing accounting firm, Illumin8, implements Annature

Annature, the leading Australian-owned eSigning platform announces it has added the country’s fastest growing accounting firm, Illumin8 to its client list.

As a cloud-first firm with a vision to provide accounting and bookkeeping services that go beyond compliance, it is a long-term proponent of eSigning software. However recently Illumin8 reviewed its previously implemented eSigning solution – which it considered a core component of client servicing.

“As an accounting firm we send a significant volume of documents for eSigning. The international firm we were using recommended changing our subscription model. Our costs went absolutely through the roof,” said Andrew Van De Beek, Illumin8’s Founder and head of purpose.

“But we’ve been cloud-based almost a decade and went out seeking a platform that was cloud-based, able to integrate with our current systems and would onboard our new staff, since we’re hiring constantly, quickly and help them learn and upskill into fast. Being Aussie-made was also a nice box to tick too. We found it with Annature.”

Annature Founder and CEO Amreeta Abbott said Annature is easily scaled to any enterprise – and any industry. It is the first ANZ ISO 27001 certified technology that builds digital signatures, identity verification and payment collection software for industries big and small. Allowing small businesses and enterprises to eSign documents at an affordable price.

Andrew Van De Beek agrees. “As a business owner I want something that is efficient and user-friendly. Using Annature is very intuitive – all you need to do is jump in and send through templates.  It’s super easy.”

“In terms of cost and ease of use and the volume we’re going through there is definitely plenty of value.”

Amreeta Abbott says Annature, like Illumin8, is dedicated to electronic workflows, helping eliminate legacy, paper-based agreement processes by proving affordable, highly secure, and instantly available eSigning solution. All of its data storage is onshore here in Australia, and firms can implement a white label version of Annature internally to build out their servicing offering – at a cost as low as a quarter of comparable costs from overseas providers.

“It’s a simple to use, feature-rich eSigning platform that allows any company to add its logo and company name to the customer signing experience.  Not just to the signing pages but emails and text messages. A customer can sign online without ever having to print anything,” she said.

Andrew Van De Beek added, “Client experience is of the utmost importance because signing a document for some, for a lot of people actually, can be a nerve – wracking thing. What am I signing? What is this? Making that a simple easy experience so that our clients aren’t overwhelmed is just a continuation of us delivering as best we can for them.”