Australian software startup Businest wins Global Award for Small Business App

Australian software startup Businest wins Global Award for Small Business App

Accountex (formerly SleeterCon) announced businest® as the winner of The Small Business App You Should Be Using at their annual accounting technology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award sponsored by Accountex, the leading independent accounting technology expo and conference in the world, was presented to businest® founder Rhondalynn Korolak, on stage in front of more than 1,000 attendees.

Each year more than 150 new apps are added to the small business, cloud accounting ecosystem.  The Meridian Awards, created by Accountex, are presented to a prestigious few apps in the accounting technology space who have displayed excellence beyond their peers in a given award category. There are only 4 awards presented, by an elite group of global thought leaders and Managing Partners of firms. The limited number of awards sets the Meridian awards apart as there is no recognition for 2nd place or runner up.

Businest® was selected as the overall winner for The Small Business App You Should Be Using by a panel of judges including Greg Lafollette, Strategic Advisor, Randy Johnston, CEO Network Management Group, Dawn Brolin, MD of Powerful Accounting, Rick Armstrong, QBPro Consulting, Donny Shimamoto, Intraprise Techknowlogies, Stacy Byrne, CPA, Clayton Oates, QA Business Australia, Cindy Schroeder,  Bright Bookkeeping, Doug Sleeter, Sleeter Group, Andy North, Group Publisher AccountingWEB. Selection of the winner was based on metrics including innovation, market impact, and the size of the problem solved for small business owners.

The winner was announced by RD Whitney, Group Vice President of Diversified Communications. immediately after a keynote speech by Doug Sleeter on the second day of the Accountex conference.

In an interview with AccountingWEB, Korolak said “Outside of market success, which we have seen with uptake from small business owners, accountants and bookkeepers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and India, it’s and honour to be recognized by the largest and most prestigious conference in our industry.”

Businest is a business coaching platform that uses artificial intelligence to examine the financial statements of a business and deliver custom tailored business coaching and multi-media training. Businest can be set up in less than 8 minutes and is simple enough for a layperson (with no financial background) to use.  Says Korolak “it’s like a mini-MBA in business but all insights and advice are specific to your numbers, your challenges and your unique opportunities.”

Accountants, bookkeepers, coaches, financial advisors and franchisors use Businest® to help anticipate problems before they occur and to provide tangible, proven strategies across sales, marketing, finance, operations and leadership, to help their small business clients grow safely and profitably.

Where competitive products only diagnose cash flow problems, Businest® fixes them.

Businest integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB Account Right LIve so that no manual data entry is required.  Sage integration coming soon.