Australian crypto and stock education platform generates 1,000 paid subscribers in 12 months as well as top AFL players

Australian crypto and stock education platform generates 1,000 paid subscribers in 12 months as well as top AFL players

Four Melbourne mates’ side hustle of teaching everyday Australians to invest in crypto and stocks has turned into a full time reality, amassing over 1,000 paid subscriptions within 12 months of launching.

Their growth has been aided from some high profile athletes such as Collingwood Football Club captain Scott Pendlebury, Western Bulldogs premiership players Easton Wood and Jason Johannisen, Richmond star Nathan Broad, former NBL MVP and commentator/personality Corey Williams as well as social influencers such as Tayla Damir and Tully Humphries. These are just a few of the high profile names who have started investing in cryptocurrency thanks to TVI.

Tradervidz Investments (TVI) was founded by Mathisha Vidyaratne, Anthony Trainor, Zac Povolny and Richard Valioukhov. Mathisha worked across the finance and legal industry, Anthony a sports marketing strategist, Zac a sales consultant and Richard in the construction industry. However, what bonded them was their passion for investing and empowering others.

The four of them would chat all day discussing market conditions and would meet once a week to share trade setups between each other. On one day in 2020, they had a lightbulb moment that together, they should create what they wished they had when they first started their investing journey.

“There is a lot of conflicting and contradictory information out there and unfortunately the majority of new investors get overwhelmed and give up before giving it a real go. We simplify everything so those who are new to investing or are time poor can keep updated,” said Richard.

TVI’s three main pillars are education, price signals and community.

A TVI member receives access to their very own digital dashboard, designed to be the go-to for their investing.

Within the dashboard is over 20 hours of video content, from the very basics of investing, to detailed stock and crypto analysis and weekly live Q&As. They even have video walkthroughs on how to set up accounts for all major brokers or exchanges, so you are guided every step of the way. Members are also able to track their crypto portfolio on the dashboard (stocks coming soon).

The dashboard also includes key resources, such as the best websites to search for additional information, their recommended brokers/exchanges, bonus booklets/guides and much more. It also houses their very own watchlists across stocks and crypto, broken into swing, growth and long term watchlists.

However, beyond their digital educational platform, their members congregate on Discord, where everyone works together to succeed.

“We knew the power of community was going to be important,” said Anthony. We had signed up to similar programs in the past but it was very transactional and we never felt a sense of belonging. We’ve made our community a place where people share their thoughts, observations and trade setups. Members are even becoming friends and are meeting up in real life. We meet up with our members every now and again too. The community is the most important thing to us…the more eyes on the market the better”.

“The finance industry has a reputation for being quite dry and boring but we try to keep everything fun and in a relaxed manner as that’s the best way to learn” said Richard.

TVI operate under a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR).

An annual TVI membership costs $997 a year, however TVI are offering Australian FinTech Members and readers, $200 off the yearly subscription. Just enter the coupon code “FINTECH” at checkout.