Apple accuses CBA of ‘misleading’ digital wallets inquiry

Apple accuses CBA of ‘misleading’ digital wallets inquiry

Apple has fired back at accusations it guards its mobile payment technology in an anticompetitive way, accusing its critics, including the Commonwealth Bank’s boss, of misleading a parliamentary inquiry and wanting to reduce their own competition.

In an increasingly ugly quarrel between Australia’s biggest bank and the world’s most valuable corporation, both companies have made accusations of anticompetitive intentions and, now, misleading a parliamentary inquiry.

A Joint Committee examining mobile payments and digital wallets has heard that the US tech giant is stifling competition and innovation in Australia by restricting access to its Near Field Communication (NFC).

Unlike Google on its Android devices, Apple restricts developer access to the technology used for contactless payment, requiring payment providers to integrate with the Apple Wallet rather than using their own payment apps or services.

Apple says the restriction is necessary to protect users’ privacy and security, and to deliver a better experience.

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Source: Apple accuses CBA of ‘misleading’ digital wallets inquiry