SendGold is APAC’s award-winning digital gold platform. SendGold disintermediates the centuries-old, multi-trillion-dollar gold market, bringing it into the digital age, making it available to everyone, anywhere, and instantly peer-to-peer. SendGold makes gold the easiest way to save, pay, gift & spend.

SendGold operates at the intersection of multiple macro-trends driving our sharing economy such as ubiquitous internet access and emerging digital asset technology.

The SendGold app is currently available in 12 countries giving our customers simple and secure access to the world’s most sustainable and liquid store of value – gold.  Our world first Open API platform lets us provide Gold-as-a-Service into third party platforms, extending gold into new use cases and some of the largest markets on a global scale, well beyond the traditional including neo-banking, DIY wealth management, gaming, rewards and loyalty.

SendGold provides a simple, low cost, direct ownership of physical gold held in Brink’s vaults in Australia, audited by Bureau Veritas and insured by Lloyd’s of London. With our Australian Financial Services License in place, we’re enabling people to build and transfer their wealth, outside of the banks, across borders and across generations.