zipMoney – User Experience

We here at Australian FinTech are mad mountain bike riders. So when one of us – me – decided it was time to buy a new bike, this time a road bike, I thought that instead of just walking in and paying cash or dumping it yet again on the credit card, why not utilise an Australian FinTech company to assist with the purchase, interest-free. And here are the reasons:

  • We here at Australian FinTech wanted to see how these FinTech companies work, how easy it is and how they perform;
  • how much effort it is to apply and get interest-free credit;
  • how ingenious the technology is;
  • we wanted to support the Australian FinTech industry;
  • And most importantly, the wife won’t know how much I paid on yet “another bike”!

I chose zipMoney – they’re listed on the ASX so they’ve got to be good right?


Applying via zipMoney

I went to the zipMoney website. After answering some basic questions about myself, my employment and adding some ID information, I connected to my bank in real-time and the application process began. All this took less than 3 minutes.

Once I was approved, I received an SMS message with my zipMoney security code. I added my debit card details, a password and entered the unique SMS code.

Less than 10 seconds later my account was activated and I was ready to go shopping! You can shop online or instore. I’ve already got the bike picked out so I’m off to the shops!

All in all it was a very simple process, taking less than 5 minutes all up. The easy-to-use zipMoney website had simple navigation, great explanations and detailed terms and conditions there in black and white.

Right, it was time for shopping!


zipMoney – In-Store Process

The guys at 99 Bikes had my bike ready, measured me up and it was time to sort out the bill.

I mentioned I wanted to use zipMoney.

“Ok we can sign you up,” they offered. I found out that the great part about zipMoney is that you can sign-up in-store.

Because I’d already signed up, the 99 Bikes guys entered the sales details into their system and instantly I received an SMS from zipMoney asking me to click on a link to process the order. I did, received another SMS with a unique code and typed that in.

“You’re all done! The bike is yours!”

I was impressed. The whole payment process took less than 2 minutes, the technology was fascinating and I rode out of the store on my brand new bike! Not to mention 6 Months Interest Free!



I’d certainly recommend zipMoney to anyone. So simple, so quick and so easy.



Cameron Dart – Co-Founder, Australian FinTech. Mountain Biker… now a cyclist as well!