Zeller launches Tap to Pay on Android, while business and consumer adoption skyrockets

Zeller launches Tap to Pay on Android, while business and consumer adoption skyrockets

Zeller today launched Tap to Pay on Android, making it the first Australian-born fintech to deploy this new and innovative way to accept contactless payments, with an offering that’s vastly simpler and more affordable than similar products from US entrants. Tap to Pay on Android enables businesses to accept contactless payments directly from their smartphone using the Zeller App, with no additional hardware required.

Since deploying Tap to Pay on iPhone in October 2023, Australian business owners have quickly demonstrated their love for the new way to accept contactless payments. Zeller App — the leading finance app which enables businesses to manage their account, cards, financial reporting, and accept contactless payments — is the top-rated business financial services and banking app in Australia, when ranked against similar apps offered by Tyro and the big-4 banks.

Australian shoppers have also demonstrated unequivocal support for Tap to Pay, with the average transaction value for payments accepted using Tap to Pay with Zeller App being 108% higher in comparison to in-person payments accepted using Zeller EFTPOS Terminal. Australia is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading early adopter markets for new payments innovation, having deployed EMV chip cards and tap-and-go contactless payments ahead of most other major western markets.

Tap to Pay with Zeller App has quickly proven to be a valuable addition to Zeller’s growing ecosystem, with businesses demonstrating a variety of valuable use cases for the new solution.

  • South Melbourne Seafoods utilised Tap to Pay during the busy Christmas season to accept in-queue payments for order collection, reducing customer wait times.
  • Fusspots Antique Emporium in Inglewood, regional Victoria, uses Tap to Pay as a back-up payments solution when wired internet connectivity is unreliable.
  • Accommodation and dining destination Hotel Sorrento utilises Tap to Pay throughout the Summer to accept payments from guests as they relax poolside.

Sebastian Fernández Mackenzie, owner of Seb’s Mobile Car Wash in Melbourne, was one of the first Australian businesses to try Tap to Pay with Zeller App. It was a convenient solution to avoid the administrative burden of invoicing, while reducing the need for customers to carry cash.

“Back then I didn’t have my regular clients, I was sending invoices to people I’d just met. I’d have to send reminders, and one person took three days to pay me,” commented Seb. “Now, my clients simply tap their card or mobile wallet to my phone, and the payment is processed instantly. It’s so simple, takes minutes to set up, and I can see every transaction and settlement immediately in my Zeller App.”

“The early adoption we’ve seen for Tap to Pay with Zeller App has been overwhelming. Australian businesses continue to demonstrate their willingness to adopt and try the newest forms of payment innovation, particularly when they can help make getting paid and running their business simpler,” said Ben Pfisterer, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeller.

“Zeller is proud to become the leading Australian-born fintech deploying Tap to Pay across both iOS and Android. It’s helping get brand new businesses off the ground; supporting those that are mobile, remote or impacted by unreliable connectivity; and giving established businesses another solution to boost their financial success.”

Android smartphone users can now join thousands of Zeller merchants using Tap to Pay by downloading Zeller App, and enabling the feature instantly. For more information and device eligibility, please click here.