Yieldbroker chooses Sisense to power new AI-infused trading platform, YBEdge

Yieldbroker chooses Sisense to power new AI-infused trading platform, YBEdge

Yieldbroker, the leading Tier 1 licensed electronic trading platform for Australian and New Zealand debt securities and derivatives, has announced a collaboration with Sisense to use its AI-driven interactive data visualisation capabilities for Yieldbroker’s new data and analytics product, ‘YBEdge’.

Yieldbroker’s unique dealer and client marketplace (D2D and D2C) has been the dominant electronic trading platform for Australian and New Zealand debt securities for over 20 years.

Its data warehouse consists of extensive historical transaction and pricing data which are used by financial institutions for trade modelling and analysis, risk management, valuations, product development, and research.

Yieldbroker’s data is deemed independent and verifiable for the overriding compliance and regulatory requirements of the financial services industry.

Yieldbroker’s market data is currently made available to end clients via direct data feed API and reports, and via approved information vendors. It includes various types of data sets including tick history files, end-of-day ratesheet and transaction files and analytics.

The continued focus on providing technology to assist with clients’ trading efficiencies has been the hallmark of Yieldbroker’s success. Now it is looking at the Sisense partnership to provide clients with more intuitive ways to analyse the Yieldbroker data and analytics with advanced data visualisation.

The partnership with Sisense was initiated in September 2020 under a proof of concept with the Yieldbroker client base which has resulted in the creation of the Sisense-powered YBEdge product.

The platform will provide enhanced data and analytics to the existing Yieldbroker trade file series, as well as new client-specific interactive dashboards and market performance metrics.

Emily Turner, Head of Market Data and Projects at Yieldbroker, said, “The company was looking for a solution that helped us work with our unique data assets to deliver bespoke insights aligned to our varying types of customers and their ever-growing use cases and data needs.

“At the same time, we also wanted to work with a company that could scale with the growth of our marketplace in a highly secured environment. Sisense is a key collaboration partner which aligns with Yieldbroker’s approach in building client and market-specific capabilities. This is what we are seeing with the new data visualisation and business intelligence applications being worked on.”

One feature that attracted Yieldbroker to Sisense was its ability to seamlessly integrate into the current systems. “As a Tier 1 electronic trading platform, Yieldbroker has its own proprietary software and trading UI which is extensively used in trader and client desktops.

“Sisense’s embedding capabilities enabled Yieldbroker to embed purpose-built and interactive visualisations into the Yieldbroker trading UI to fit with the current dealer workflows and allow for more sophisticated data analysis,” Emily said.

Yieldbroker also perceived significant value could be added with the AI-assisted technology as a way to help its clients with more intuitive views and second-order analysis.

“Using machine learning AI helps us work through producing deeper insights that our clients will benefit greatly from,” Emily added.

Rohan Persaud, Director of Channels and Alliances APAC at Sisense said, “It is exciting to see this Yieldbroker partnership collaboration build. It’s innovating, bringing more meaningful business intelligence-enabled insights to their extensive global client base. The exacting nature of the financial trading environment is both competitive and increasingly becoming technology driven.

“Being able to continually respond and deliver appropriate solutions to make client trading decisions easier and more efficient is where the real value is. Sisense is working with Yieldbroker to provide AI-driven data insights for its clients to assist them in making the most informed decision possible, which we trust will be an extension of this.”