Wolters Kluwer launches CCH iFirm Workpapers in Australia to assist accountants improve profitability

Wolters Kluwer launches CCH iFirm Workpapers in Australia to assist accountants improve profitability

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting (TAA) Asia Pacific (APAC) have announced its CCH iFirm Workpapers product is now available in Australia. Already a leading solution in New Zealand, the software delivers a comprehensive suite of 51 standard workpapers and is designed to aid accountants in the calculations and document substantiation required to support the financial statements and tax return for a client.

The solution helps ensure compliance with the latest Australian tax and accounting regulations and enables accountants to complete their work faster, reducing risk of write-offs and thus improving profitability.

“Wolters Kluwer is in the unique position of being able to offer our customers expert knowledge solutions via CCH iKnowConnect, in addition to the software they need to run an efficient and profitable practice through CCH iFirm,” said Megan Mulia (pictured), Managing Director, Wolters Kluwer, TAA APAC. “Our new CCH iFirm Workpapers solution brings together this unique expertise, enabling accounting firms to enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and elevate the quality of their work.”

Developed and updated annually by the expert team behind the trusted CCH Australian Master Tax Guide, CCH iFirm Workpapers offers a range of innovative features and tools that streamline workpaper creation, management, and compliance processes for accounting firms. The solution provides standardization, underlying calculators, general ledger software integrations, and automation features in a familiar Excel environment, cutting down on manual data entry, and improving accuracy. These improvements save time for firms and free up billable hours.

Designed with input from Wolters Kluwer customers, CCH iFirm Workpapers seeks to deliver the rich functionality that accounting teams need to manage high-volume, complex compliance jobs. Being a ledger-agnostic solution, it allows for easy management of clients with different ledger systems, which is critical for optimizing compliance workflow.

“Workpapers are the ‘glue’ in an accountant’s compliance workflow, and our newly released module helps to streamline this process within the CCH iFirm platform,” said Mulia. “Our vision is to continue to deepen the integration between our expert research solutions and CCH iFirm software modules to achieve a seamless workflow for our customers.”

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