Wholesale Investor launches new end-to-end SaaS capital raising admin platform CRIISP

Wholesale Investor launches new end-to-end SaaS capital raising admin platform CRIISP

Australasia’s largest investment platform Wholesale Investor announces the launch of its new SaaS capital raising admin platform CRIISP.

The launch of CRIISP comes following more than 18 months of Wholesale Investor working with prominent, investors and founders, to collaborate and create a unique software platform to remove friction from the capital raising process for investors, founders and advisors.

Leveraging Australasia’s leading private investment platform, CRIISP will utilise Wholesale Investor’s existing infrastructure and have the option to access a network of 21,500+ high-net-worth investors and professional investment groups (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Funds, Family Offices and International investors).

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Wholesale Investor and CRIISP, Steve Torso says, “When we sat down and thought about the next step for our business, we knew we had to create a platform which would remove friction from the capital raising process. Our belief is that if we can help Founders, Investors and Industry participants save time, money and improve efficiency, the ecosystem wins.

More than that, we noticed that as the ecosystem had grown, it had become more and more fragmented, which has made it substantially more difficult for Investors and companies alike.

Over the next few months we will be announcing a range of partnerships with Media, Governments and other ecosystem contributors across Australia, Singapore, India and the UK. This aligns with our core mission of creating and enabling opportunities.”

Built on the foundations of the belief that the most important component of raising capital is to get in front of investors, CRIISP digitises this process, allowing you to manage the relationships between you as a Founder and potential prospective investor, quickly, comfortably and most importantly, with you firmly in the driving seat.

CRIISP is a digitisation of our ecosystem and key features include: simplified documentation structure and storage, access to a HNW investor marketplace, the ability to promote dealrooms to interest investors, investor activity tracking, question and answer features and direct messaging, the ability to issue share certificates, multi-party digital signature completion – and all of this, coming transaction ready.

“For our team, empowering the founder and removing success fees means we can play a role in growing the technologies of the future quicker, and to a greater scale. With founders paying the equivalent to a salary of a decent techie in success fees, stunting their scalability – CRIISP doesn’t just solve this problem, it kills it.”