What’s holding Blockchain back?

What’s holding Blockchain back?

As blockchain evolves and moves closer to the mainstream in the enterprise technology stack, the obstacles to that development are increasingly clear. So while respondents to the Deloitte 2019 Global Blockchain Survey remain optimistic about blockchain and its use cases, that optimism is tempered by the work of early adopters who have, after applying it to numerous different cases, identified its limitations.

Blockchain has been around for a decade now and has become strongly identified with bitcoin specifically and cryptocurrency in general. In these circumstances, the report explains, early users found it difficult to identify other use cases for it, which is also true of early disruptors in the space. The report reads:

“While emerging disruptors remain nimble, our research suggests that they, like the larger enterprise respondents, are approaching blockchain with caution. Despite the innovative vitality that emerging disruptors bring to the blockchain world, they, too, reveal a measure of skepticism, with nearly 20% saying blockchain is overhyped, a figure comparable to enterprise respondents.”

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Source: What’s Holding Blockchain Back?