Westpac launches ‘designer’ wearable payments accessories

Westpac launches ‘designer’ wearable payments accessories

The bank has made payment-enabled keychains, silicon tags, and some pins available, but there’s still no sign of Apple Pay.

Westpac has announced the availability of “Centsitive Objects” on Wednesday, touted by the bank as a range of “designer” wearable payment-enabled accessories.

Instead of just plugging into devices manufactured by others, Westpac launched its own range of wearable, hands-free, and battery-free payment accessories in October.

The new range designed by Sydney-based entrepreneur Hayden Cox builds on the bank’s PayWear wearable payments play. According to Cox, his designs are ideally shaped for customers that want a payments device with a “little more flavour”.

“Our customers are increasingly on-the-go with more than 56,000 now using PayWear to support their everyday transactions. So we’ve evolved our existing range of accessories to create something special that offers a sleek, subtle, and convenient way to tap-and-pay,” Westpac Head of Group Brand, Advertising & Media Jenny Melhuish said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We know personal style and choice matters to our customers; in fact we’ve found 38 percent of Australians find style important when it comes to wearable devices, and 71 percent would use a wearable if it fits their personal style and lifestyle.”


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Source: Westpac launches ‘designer’ wearable payments accessories | ZDNet