Wefund launches fast, transparent, and secure development finance platform

Wefund launches fast, transparent, and secure development finance platform

Wefund announce the launch of their unique, proprietary finance platform, which gives property developers quicker access to multiple non-bank lenders. Their unique and innovative software streamlines the funding process to give faster, more reliable and secure funding. Version 1 is now available, with a strong release pipeline planned for the next 12 months.

Marshall Condon, Wefund Co-Founder, says, “The Australian property development finance sector is bogged down with time-consuming loan application processes. In many cases it also lacks transparency and integrity. This means borrowers often face hidden fees, exhaustive application processes, lenders with no funds and offers being amended at the last minute, leaving them at the mercy of lenders.”

Wefund’s cutting edge solution promises to turn this one-sided arrangement on its head by reimagining the loan process between developers and lenders. It presents clear and transparent options that show borrowers their true funding costs upfront and gives funding certainty by providing access to over 40 accredited non-bank lenders.

The cutting edge platform gathers all the required loan information in a single portal and presents loan applications to lenders as opportunities in an easy-to-digest way. This makes it easy for developers to review funding options and for prospective lenders to make an informed decision on the commercial, development, mezzanine or bridging finance that’s being applied for.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Their specialist team reviews and helps structure applications before they are presented to the most appropriate lenders on the portal. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

The Wefund team oversees the entire process and applies its skills and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for both borrowers and lenders.

MoneyQuest and Bravo Future Capital commit to Wefund’s future

In the latest news, Wefund announces its has been approved on MoneyQuest Australia’s panel as a new commercial solution for their brokers. MoneyQuest Australia Managing Director Michael Russell and his team have seen the opportunity that Wefund’s platform can provide to its brokers and their clients, giving them access to over 60 fully accredited non-bank lenders, as well as access to Wefund’s specialist commercial lending team. This will pave the way for its brokers to capture a piece of the ever-expanding non-bank commercial finance market.

Venture capital investor Bravo Futura Capital has also demonstrated its bullish outlook on Wefund’s future contributing to a $500,000 seed investment. Bravo Futura Capital Founder, Craig Butcher, is passionate about science and technology. This has seen him pursue the development of innovative technologies throughout his career, including supporting emerging and committed entrepreneurs.

How Wefund’s platform streamlines the borrowing and lending process:

Borrowers get access to a trusted pool of Australia’s top specialist non-bank lenders, who have all been vetted and approved. All application and transaction information is in a single portal, making it a quicker and easier process for gaining finance. There are no hidden fees, Wefund offers multiple lending options to give funding certainty, plus the support of an expert commercial broking team.

Brokers have access to top non-bank commercial and development finance for secure, unlimited funding with super-fast decision making. Wefund’s powerful platform secures client finance and keeps introducers ahead of the competition. The support from Wefund’s commercial brokers is particularly valuable for those unfamiliar with commercial transactions. The Wefund team also values integrity; agreements ensure that brokers retain the relationship with their clients.

are presented with fully-qualified and structured non-bank finance opportunities, tailored to their specific lending criteria. The proprietary platform brings all transaction information together in a single portal, saving time and allowing quick decision making.

The Wefund process and platform is based on a proven structure, used by Australia’s best commercial brokers to finance over a billion dollars of commercial property transactions. Mainstream banks can be easily onboarded to the Wefund platform and the team has strong relationships with all major banks in Australia to support this future move.

Who are the brains behind Wefund?

Marshal Condon, Co-Founder

Marshall has a career in finance for over a decade. He has experience in both banking and the structuring and sourcing of finance for commercial and residential development projects. Over his career, he has structured finance for over $650 million of commercial transactions. He is consistently named in the top 10 commercial brokers in Australia and was awarded Finance Broker of the Year at the 2016 Australian Broking Awards.

Roy Coughlan, Co-Founder

Roy began his finance career in 2007 with AIB Group PLC and its subsidiaries. He has extensive international experience, including in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia. As a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA), Roy has held a number of positions during his career, including business development, investment management and credit analysis for both institutional banks and non-bank lenders.

Richard Owens – Co-Founder

Richard started his career in technology as a data and analytics business analyst at Capgemini. He spent five years working on strategy and implementation engagements with major financial firms across the UK and the US, including American Express and Aon. He runs a software development and digital marketing agency called First Five Eight, and supports the marketing and application development of Wefund.

How can Wefund help you?

If you’re seeking access to new development financing options, or would like an overview of how the Wefund platform works, get in touch.


Source: https://wefund.com.au/wefund-platform-launch