Two Fintechs launch virtual, physical travel cards for Aussie travellers

Two Fintechs launch virtual, physical travel cards for Aussie travellers

With the travel industry poised for a big recovery post COVID-19, airlines, and online travel agencies (OTAs) are actively transforming their technologies and processes in anticipation. For new partners Pelikin and Nium, FinTech plays a central role in this recovery, and it starts with the ability to issue travel cards that can be used around the world.

Integrating Pelikin’s industry-first ‘travel super app’ with Nium’s next-generation financial services platform, the partners are committed to enabling access to a network of financial services for millions, to achieve a common vision of seamless and digital travel experiences for the future.

Through the Nium platform, Pelikin can quickly deploy new financial services from card issuance to cross-border payments, and it is this level of scalability that has allowed Pelikin to go-to-market and expand global reach quickly and cost-effectively.

Frederick Crosby, Chief Revenue Officer at Nium said, “The travel industry is swiftly moving away from slow-moving payment platforms to next-generation solutions that empower end consumers to take control over their finances, wherever they are in the world. Through this partnership with Pelikin, we are proud to bring this vision to life.”

The partnership has already borne fruit for Pelikin who chose to work with Nium, in part, because their advanced platform facilitates Pelikin’s plans to scale into new markets. By leveraging Nium’s technology, Pelikin are now able to issue virtual and physical travel cards to Australian travelers. Cards are available for use immediately and can be used in over 100 global markets, wherever you see the Visa acceptance mark. The cards are managed through Pelikin’s travel super app and facilitated by Nium’s transformative financial technology.

Anthony Jones, Head of Innovation and Partnerships for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, Visa said: “As travel corridors begin to open up, seamless digital payment experiences will be more important than ever. At Visa, we’re excited to see these two local fintechs join forces to drive innovation in the travel sector and deliver new solutions to support its recovery.”

Pelikin has proven to be a disruptor in the travel industry. Adding a partner like Nium, who can improve cash flow economics throughout the global economy, cements Pelikin’s status as a go-to super app, ultimately making it easier and more convenient for travelers to manage travel money, multi-currency, and multi-spend wallets.

Describing what the partnership means to them, Pelikin CEO Sam Brown has said, “Working alongside Nium helps us here at Pelikin in our guiding mission to change the way Aussie travelers manage their money overseas. We’re thrilled that together we can take the lead towards industry recovery.”